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What is the Used Book Transfer Project?

A project initiated by three stdents in high schools. By establishing an online platform and creating a credit system, we allow registered users to post their unwanted used books on the website and exchange them for other books they need

Some people might ask...WHY SHOULD WE USE IT?

We are Professional

Before we posted this website online, we tested it extensively. You can safely use all functions we provide on the website, and we sincerely hope you have a pleasing experience here.

500+ Happy Clients

Our member schools, including Shanghai High School International Division, High School Affiliated to Fudan University, and N0.1 High School Affliated to East China Normal University provides strong support for our website. Through publicity initiated inside schools, more and more users will join in this project and devote their efforts to improve it.


Firstly, we aim to use this system to assist students achive a high grade on their tests by learning from the notes already added to these used books. Furthermore, our actions will help achieve sustainability in the long run by reducing the amount of paper that we use. As a result, this project has several benefits and we hope this platform can create a bridge that can link students together and study together







We are Offering....

Used books exchanging project is not only a single platform, but also a bridge that link students together.


You can choose any imaginable type of book you want on this website (as long as other students are willing to share)


Through exchanging books, you can have a chance to chat with other students in different grades. In the ideal case, your grade will be efficiently increased by building relationships with mentors


By reusing used books, you can save lots of paper and trees, as well as help improve the environment.

Other Services we offer

Our website is actually a multi-functional platform!


There are hundreds of books' photos for your reference.

Data security

Each client's personal information will be safely stored on our main server.


If you have any trouble while using our website, please feel free to contact us!

Some of the books we provide...

Almost any imaginable category of book can be found here. Trust us, this will definitely help to improve your grade!

  • All
  • Mathmatics
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Computer Science

Client Feedback...

Most clients appreciate it by this website's functions and its impact on the society

  • I really love this website. I joined in as first group of member, and post some of my old books on it. Right now, I have more than 200 credits and I also have so many friends from all schools.

    By Xu HaiHong

  • One of the most innovative designs that I've ever seen! This will definitely become popular in the future!

    By Prof. Kolter

  • Right now, only three schools join in this project. However, its potential cannot be underestimated. Maybe in someday, the whole nation will realize the value of this website and make this website as nationalized government-operating project.

    By Wade Cheng

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